30th November 2023 |  09:30 AM

NRAC announce their first speaker NRAC Consultant Jean Hewitt, is an inclusive environments specialist at Buro Happold, and has contributed to a number of recent technical publications.

She will give an overview of the built environment considerations for a range of hormone-related conditions, following her work on BS 30416, Menstruation and menopausal health in the workplace, as well as giving us a brief update on PAS 6463 Design for the Mind PAS which has now been in circulation for a year. Jean is currently working on the final draft for Sport England’s Accessible and Inclusive Sports Facilities Guidance and will be able to give a progress report on its development.


£55 (including VAT) for NRAC members and supporters

£65 (including VAT) for non-members

To book a space you can visit CIC here.