RNIB: Coming out of lockdown, together

Blind and partially sighted people have adjusted as much as possible to the daily challenges the pandemic has created – but some of the more visual safety measures, like social distancing and changes to the environment, are going to continue to be major barriers to independence and confidence.

Our Head of Social Change, Sarah Lambert, talks about our campaign to encourage everyone to 'maintain the space, be patient, be helpful'. 

Support us with social distancing 

We created a short film to help people not feel awkward interacting with blind and partially sighted people as we come out of lockdown. 

Help by learning more about sight loss 

Social distancing relies on being able to see where others are, something that’s impossible for many people with sight loss, and this has impacted on people’s independence and confidence.  

Take our 'Sight loss and social distancing quiz' to find out more about the challenges and how you can help and then share with your family and friends. 

What businesses can do

As businesses begin to reopen again, making changes to protect staff and customers is so important and it is essential these changes are accessible for blind and partially sighted customers. 

We have created some best practice guidelines to help businesses understand how they can help their blind and partially sighted customers with these changes.

Listen to the full campain here